Month: February 2022

COVID-19: Employer Guidance on Vaccines

Many countries have started to roll out vaccines against COVID-19. While a vaccination program is viewed by many as the long-awaited route out of the pandemic, this presents challenges for employers—including whether they can require employees to be vaccinated. In this publication, we provide at-a-glance guidance to the key issues for employers to consider in Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the UK and the United States, followed by more detailed Q&As for each of these jurisdictions.

New US, UK and EU Sanctions Against Russia

In the 24 hours since Russia’s announcement that it will recognize the independence of two regions in Ukraine, the United States (“US”), European Union (“EU”) and United Kingdom (“UK”) have taken initial actions in response that have significant implications for businesses and likely will be the first in a series of legal changes that will considerably impact transactions, investments and operations well beyond the borders of Russia and Ukraine.