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Last remains of the German suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency to finally end in April 2021

With each extension, the scope of the suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency which was first introduced in March 2020 became more and more limited. Now, it might finally cease to exist, so that managing directors of a German limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) will be once again obliged to file for the opening of insolvency proceedings if the company is illiquid (zahlungsunfähig), or over-indebted (überschuldet), regardless of whether or not such illiquidity or over-indebtedness is based on the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and whether or not there is a prospect of eliminating the existing reason for insolvency through recourse to state aid.

Mayer Brown Asia celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

To mark International Women’s Day “Choose to Challenge” campaign, our Asia Diversity & Inclusion RAW (Retain and Advance Women) Network Co-Chairs Susanne Harris and Amita Haylock were delighted to host Fiona Callanan-Thorsby, Sammi Cho and Fiona Phillips – three women of influence in banking and consulting – for a fascinating webinar discussion on their experiences as women leaders, and what this year’s theme means to them.

A Mayer Brown Mom in Corona Lockdown

Monday, 5:45am. My youngest (2) wakes me up with lots of kisses. That’s a way to start the day, I think, though I only had 6 hours of sleep. Shortly after, my oldest (4) joins us and demands her breakfast. Alright, that’s another way to do it…