Ecolabels Survey & Overview

Mayer Brown

Whether ecolabels are an unfamiliar concept, or your business is beginning to undertake, or already underway with, an ecolabelling project we would be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic. We have put together a short survey on ecolabels, which you can find below. We would greatly appreciate your response and opinions. 

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There are now over 450 ecolabels globally covering various ecological factors such as water, landfill waste and bioavailability, with carbon labelling receiving the most focus recently as businesses adopt ambitious carbon targets and look to measure and showcase their efforts. With private, national, and supra-national ecolabels all varying in scope, criteria and application, businesses in Europe are faced with a difficult choice; what type of ecolabel should they choose. Given the complexity of data involved and ongoing product-level detail required, the label chosen will likely be a significant investment decision. We have created a set of tables detailing representative examples of ecolabels, which can be downloaded here.

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