IBOR Transition Readiness Survey

Mayer Brown

Mayer Brown LLP proudly announces the launch of our latest IBOR transition resource: an IBOR Transition Readiness Survey (“The Survey”), jointly developed and presented by Mayer Brown and Morae to help organizations address the complex and imminent issue of IBOR transition.

The Survey can be accessed here, and takes approximately five minutes to complete.

We have designed the Survey as a set of key questions that market participants need to consider as they navigate the various stages of an IBOR transition program, from strategy to customer negotiation and remediation. We hope that these questions will provoke thought as you prepare and execute your IBOR transition programs and projects, or review the progress that you already have made.

To support market participants further in their IBOR transition efforts, shortly after completing the Survey a report will be provided that contains detailed checklists, as well as opinion and analysis of recommended next steps from some of the members of Mayer Brown’s IBOR Transition Task Force and experts at Morae. 

Additionally, once we have a sufficient body of data, we will present aggregated findings to those that have completed the Survey as part of one of our regular IBOR transition webinars. An invitation to this webinar will follow in due course.

As a final step in the assessment process, members of our IBOR Transition Task Force will be available to offer more targeted follow-up actions and materials based on answers to the Survey questions, including suggestions for systemic and documentary modifications that may be advisable. 

If you have any questions or requests during the assessment process, you can contact a member of our IBOR Transition Task Force or email us at ibortransition@mayerbrown.com

Again, we thank you for your interest in taking this important step, and look forward to guiding you through the IBOR transition process.