NextGen supports Earth Day

Mayer Brown
Litter Picking montage

As part of Mayer Brown’s recognition of Earth Day, the London NextGen Committee challenged colleagues, friends and family to get outside and make their local area a more pleasant place to be by collecting litter.

A few of those who took part share what Earth Day and this year’s theme “Restore our Earth” means to them.

Protecting our environment is important to me for our future generations, more so now than ever. Litter causes pollution – soil, water and air and we have every opportunity to recycle. The ramifications are enormous if we don’t change our ways. When I walk my dog in the local park or woodlands, I don’t want to see litter everywhere as it looks awful as well. If picking up a couple of bags every week helps, I’ll keep doing it” – Lesley Broughton, CRM and Digital Marketing Executive 

Earth day reminds us that we all need to collectively protect our environment for future generations” – Joshua Haig, Trainee Solicitor

Earth Day is important in educating people about how we can protect our environment and raise awareness. It engages people across the globe in initiatives which make a positive impact and encourages them to then continue this positive change going forward” – Amy Halsall, Associate

“Celebrating Earth Day serves as a reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it, particularly for future generations” – Jack Lowndes, Associate 

“Protecting our environment is critical. Earth Day serves as a reminder of what we can all do to help make the changes which are necessary to preserve the environment for the future” – James Morris, Partner

“An increased focus on ESG and sustainability from stakeholders large and small coupled COP26 coming to the UK in November has put the environment front and centre of one of the most important global conversations of a generation.  Earth Day is a reminder that we each have an individual responsibility to care for our environment, our Earth. Our collective individual steps – not just today, but every day – can have, indeed need to have, a global impact to protect our planet and to build a sustainable society” – James Ford, Senior Associate

“Protecting the Earth is a collective responsibility and benefit.  Earth Day provides a reminder that if each of us makes just one small change today, we will be protecting the Earth for all in the future” – Beth Brown, Counsel