Special Global Podcast: The Evolution of Work: Managing the Challenges from a Global Perspective

Explore the impact of the post-Covid workforce and the challenges facing employers in multiple jurisdictions. We consider the employment and mobility issues arising in the UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong, US and Brazil, with a particular focus on vaccinations and testing policies, remote and hybrid working and the future of work. Chris Fisher, our host and head of the London Employment practice, is joined by six of his colleagues from Mayer Brown’s Employment & Benefits Group.

UK Subsidy Control: A brand new regime?

Rebecca Timms and James Harrison discuss subsidy control within the UK post-Brexit: including current obligations under the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the new UK Subsidy Control Bill that will govern the future UK regime, and the interaction between the new UK regime and EU State aid rules.

Cloud + Strategic Partnership: The Evolution of Cloud Services

A virtual discussion on the regulatory aspects of the EO, its potential policy outcomes, and practical impacts on affected businesses. On July 9, 2021, President Joe Biden issued a far-reaching executive order (EO) on Promoting Competition in the American Economy that establishes a “whole-of-government effort” aimed at reducing corporate consolidation. The EO calls for federal agencies to undertake 72 separate initiatives across a range of industry sectors, including financial services, technology, transportation and communication services.